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The most common types of work zone crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Road construction can be a very dangerous profession. Not only do you have to handle heavy machinery and possibly dangerous substances while out on the roads in all kinds of weather, but you also have to perform your job in close proximity to moving traffic.

Despite increased penalties for traffic infractions in work zones, vehicles are a major source of risk for those in the road construction industry. Drivers can and often do make mistakes that hurt those repairing and maintaining the roads on which they travel.

What are the most common types of crashes that hurt road construction professionals?

Crashes caused by speeding

It is common for there to be heavy traffic near road construction because of lane closures. Instead of slowing down to accommodate the required zipper merge or driving more carefully to minimize the risk for any workers present, many drivers slowed down because of road construction and related traffic respond by driving faster than they should whenever traffic eases. Speeding is a common contributing factor to many crashes near or in work zones.

Crashes caused by distraction

When traffic slows down, drivers often start looking for another way to keep themselves engaged so that they don’t become angry or stressed out by the slower speed of traffic.

Many drivers rubberneck near construction zones, gawking at the workers and not monitoring the road directly in front of their vehicle. Some people will also call family or employers to warn them that they have encountered a delay and will likely arrive late. Any of these choices might lead to a distracted driver causing a crash when they hit a worker for a piece of equipment.

Road workers injured by negligent drivers typically have the option of holding that driver accountable. You can pursue a third-party personal injury claim against the driver who hurt you if they broke the law by speeding or texting while driving. Negligent and illegal behavior leads to liability and could give you grounds for a lawsuit in addition to any insurance claim that you pursue.

Understanding what causes car crashes around construction zones and your rights after getting hurt in a collision could help you better manage the costs related to an injury on the job.