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Making Your Wishes Clear With Estate Planning

Estate planning is something that everyone should make use of, regardless of income level or family status. Proper planning is something you can accomplish with the guidance of a skilled estate planning attorney, who can tailor your estate plan to meet your unique needs and goals.

Attorney Patrick Glenn leads the estate planning practice at Abdella & Sise LLP. Together, we are a team of attorneys that has served individuals and families throughout Upstate New York for more than 80 years. Based in Gloversville and Amsterdam, we are proud to create custom plans that protect the last wishes of our clients.

How We Help You Prepare For Tomorrow

Estate planning can look different for each person and family, depending on the goals you hope to accomplish with your plan. We help clients address their needs and wishes with a variety of different documents and forms, including:

  • Wills and truststhese documents outline who will inherit your assets and under what means. Trusts also have the potential to avoid some inheritance taxes, giving your loved ones the assets they deserve that you have worked hard for throughout your life.
  • Health care proxies and powers of attorney– appointing someone to these roles will allow you to have the peace of mind you are looking for that someone you trust is acting on your behalf and making important decisions regarding your health and finances.

Without proper estate planning, your passing can leave your loved ones in a state of confusion about what your last wishes are, and potentially even cause family fighting as a result. Let our legal team help you avoid that outcome by planning for tomorrow, today.

Representation Throughout The Probate And Estate Administration Processes

When a loved one passes on, overseeing the facilitation of their estate and the probate process can be a major burden, especially while you are still in the grieving process. Whether you are the executor/administrator or a beneficiary of the estate, we can carry the weight for you by acting as an estate administrator to settle things in a timely and effective manner.

Start Your Planning With Us

No matter what you are looking to accomplish in your probate and estate planning needs, you can trust that our experience can guide you in the proper direction. Contact our offices by calling us at (518) 725-1819 or emailing us here to schedule your free initial consultation today.