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5 tips for driving safely in a construction zone

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | Construction Accidents |

Road construction is a regular way of life in busy areas. Driving through construction zones requires very safe driving because of the increased risks.

There are several things you can do that can increase your chance of making it through the construction zone safely. Be sure to remember these tips when you’re out on the roads or preparing a route that has a construction zone.

Avoid all distractions

Road construction zones sometimes have smaller lanes than the rest of the roadway, which means less space to maneuver your vehicle. Never allow distractions to overtake you when you’re driving through a construction zone. These areas require your full attention.

Plan your route

Before you leave home, plan your route. You may be able to find out if there’s construction along the way. Instead of leaving at the last minute for your drive, leave a little early so you can compensate for the slowdown that occurs in these construction zones.

Follow all directions

There should be signage before the construction zone and it will give you directions. Paying attention to construction signs is important because they will alert you to things like lane shifts and closures.

Give other vehicles space

Other vehicles need to be able to react to anything that happens in a construction zone. Give them space as you move through the area. Don’t follow too closely so that you have time to stop if they have to slam on their brakes.

Respect workers’ space

Construction workers need to have space to work. Barricades are usually used around the work zones, but it’s best to provide them with as much space as possible.

Crashes in construction work zones can lead to very serious injuries for everyone involved. Victims may seek compensation for the financial damages they’re facing if a wreck was the result of driver negligence. New York law limits how long you have to do this, so don’t waste time if you want to claim compensation after a crash.