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Protect Your Wishes With Wills And Trusts

Estate planning is a vital step in protecting your estate and assets after your passing. While this is something that everyone should do, it is not something you should do alone. With the help of an experienced legal advocate, you can protect your last wishes and prepared your loved ones for your passing.

At the Gloversville and Amsterdam offices of Abdella & Sise LLP, you can find a team of lawyers with more than 80 years of experience in assisting clients across Upstate New York. Led by attorney Patrick Glenn, our estate planning practice seeks to provide individuals and families with peace of mind in knowing their estate is properly planned. We know that each client has different estate planning goals, and we take the time to develop a plan to help them achieve those goals with wills and trusts.

What A Will Can Offer You

Without a will, your assets will be divided up according to the state of New York’s rules within the probate process. Creating your own will allows you much more control over the entire process, and ensures that your loved ones receive what you intended for them.

Wills allow you to specify who will receive what when you pass on, avoiding any opportunity for the wrong person to inherit your assets. Properly creating and executing a will with the help of an estate planning attorney can also limit the risks of someone challenging the will as well.

The Benefits Of A Trust

A proper irrevocable trust has the potential to save the grantor, or creator of the trust, both time and money. Once created, an irrevocable trust has limited capacity to be amended or modified, preserving the original wishes of the grantor. There are several distinct advantages to creating this type of trust, including minimizing inheritance taxes your beneficiaries will pay, offering potential tax-shelter benefits and helping beneficiaries qualify for government benefits like Medicaid.

Build An Estate Plan You Can Rely On

There is no telling what tomorrow may bring. When tragedy or uncertainty strikes, make sure you are ready for it with iron-clad wills and trusts to protect your assets and your loved ones. Call (518) 725-1819 or email us here to schedule your free initial consultation and take the first step in securing the estate plan you deserve.